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Girl's Night Out

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Girls Night Out is a marketing program that started in 2003
.  It has been a very successful tool on helping us build an incredible clientele. Every Wednesday evening from 5pm-8pm we have a guest host a private party.  As a host you are able to invite 10-12 guests to enjoy complimentary services.  These parties give us the opportunity to meet new friends and win their hearts over into becoming life long clients. We will offer them enticing specials that they cannot refuse.

Girl’s Night Out Contract

These are our specials that will be offered to you and your guest the night of your girl’s night out party:

3 – Manicures for $48 (Reg. $54)

3 – Pedicures for $80 (Reg. $105)

3 – Glycolic Pedicures for $105 (Reg. $135)

3 – One Hour Spa Facials for $105 (Reg. $195)

Purchase 3 IMAGE Lift upgrades now for $194.25 ( Reg. $255 / Savings $60.75)

3 – One Hour Swedish Massages for $105 (Reg. $195) 

*you may upgrade at the time of your visit for $35 to a Deep Tissue or Stone Massage (Reg. $105 / Special $89.25)*

Purchase 3 upgrades now for $194.25 ( Reg. $255 / Savings $60.75)


The staff at Maxine’s would like to thank you for your support and participating in our Girls Night Out Marketing Program.  As our special host, we know that you want your friends to have a fun filled night.

Make a guest list and give your guest a friendly reminder call the day before your party.

Ask your guests to help bring food, NON-ALCOHOLIC drinks and paper goods.  We have the Wine’D Down Room with a wonderful selection of wines to choose from that may be purchased on the night of your party.

We are unable to service any guest under the age of 21 on the nights of GNO, due to having wine and beer available for your party.

Guest should not hesitate taking advantage of the services being offered.  Have your guests arrive before or at 5pm.  If they are late that’s okay, but they might not have time for all the services that are being offered.  The size of the group may hinder the ability of not being able to get every service done.  Our parties are on a time line of being completed by 8pm.

We cannot guarantee any particular services until the night of the party.  We always try to accommodate your guests with a variety of services.  The services we usually provide at Girls Night Out are scaled down to accommodate the number of guests per staff for that evening.  The mini services include facials, massages,  pedicures, haircut, shampoo & style, (again depending upon our staffing and the size of your party).

We will contact you one week prior to your party to confirm the number of guest you will be expecting. You and your guests can also visit our website www.MaxinesInfo.com for more info on who we are and what we offer.

Our staff volunteers their time during the GNO, therefore, tipping is very much appreciated!  There will be a community tip jar at the front desk that the staff split evenly.

There will be a $275 deposit required at the time of you signing the contract.  This is to ensure that the staff will be covered if there is a last minute cancellation or a no show.  We also want to make sure that the staff has a chance to meet new clients who have not attended a GNO party, therefore each repeat guest will be asked to pay $25 in cash the night of GNO.  This is to encourage new guests to meet the staff and become a potential lifetime client.  If for any reason you need to cancel, you must give us a 2 week notice before the date of your party in order to get your deposit back.  By canceling 2 weeks prior that gives us some time to fill that day with another party.  The night of your party we will write you a check back for $275 provided you abide by the rules of this contract.

Girls Night Out is not a “Theme party”.  If you have a special occasion (i.e. birthday, bridal shower etc.) we will be happy to work with you on setting up a separate event.  In the event you do throw a “Theme Party” you will forfeit your deposit.

If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We look forward to seeing you.




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